Friday, May 17, 2013


The day is finally here… you’re graduating today! To be clear, this is only your pre-school graduation and you are only, just barely 5 years old, but I am still very proud of you. All grown up in your cap & gown, getting ready to start a very big and exciting new adventure in your life, you’ll never know how much of my heart belongs to you. My eyes are full of tears just thinking of who you are, where you began and where you will go. I want to clutch you under my protective wing and keep you safe from all the evil of this world. I cannot do that, I know, and you must head out and start making your own way, baby step by baby step. Knowing that, I’d like to take some time and tell you a few things before you go.

You are special because of whose child you are. My sweet baby boy, you belonged to God long before you belonged to me and your daddy. You are a child of the King and I pray you never for a minute let the enemy deny you of the Joy that comes with that knowledge. Go forward with boldness into a world that is in dire need of a few good men.

As long as there is a breath in my body, you will always have a cheerleader behind you. I’ll be behind you because you are growing up every day and I am noticing more and more how you don’t need me to lead you as much as you did yesterday. You don’t need me beside you, holding your hand because you are not a baby and you don’t want your friends to laugh (that makes my heart sting a little), but you do need me and you always will. You will always turn around; look around to find my face; to make contact with my eyes. And each time that happens I hear the ‘I love you’ that you sometimes can’t say and I know that you hear the silent ‘I love you too’… and I do!

“God has not called us to be successful, but he has called us to be faithful.” Mother Theresa is credited with this quote and it is my all time favorite! If only we could understand that we are made for a purpose and if we trust Him to find it, then and only then are we successful. You will encounter numerous people who will try to guide you on a path of worldly success, but if you are not where God has led you, it is for nothing. I pray with all my heart that you will hear His voice as you grow from boyhood to manhood and that you will follow where he leads. You were created for a purpose, find it!

Be kind, compassionate and love people. This will get you much further in life than the honor roll ever will. People need love. The world is in need of a kind word and a gentle spirit. I pray you will be the one who offers your snack to the classmate that never has one. I pray that you will play with the little boy who has no friends. That you will know when to step in and make a difference in someone’s life with an act of kindness. And if it takes someone being unkind to you in order for you learn that, then so be it, but I pray God protects my heart as you walk through your own hurt.

It’s okay to pull a pretty girls hair, but remember she is a lady and should be treated as such. This will be learned over time, I’m sure, but I hope that when you are grown and on your own you will say that your father and I modeled a Godly marital relationship for you.

It’s okay to be scared and to even cry, but know you are never alone. I cannot always be there for you, simple fact. But HE will NEVER leave you, faithful promise!

Know when the ball is not in your court and the fight is not yours. Best lesson Grandmama ever taught me. You may not always like the rules, but most of the times you need to follow them. Sometimes you will even be justified in your fight, but a wise man knows when the fight is worthwhile and when it is not. Respect authority and be a man of character and integrity for they are far and few between.

When the fight is yours, fight with love and respect. Sometimes you just have to stand up for what’s right. Do not let the world teach you when to fight or how to fight. If the fight is right, then the FIGHT will be right.

Pretend there is a prize for the ‘Best Big Brother’ and strive to win it every day! Never take this job lightly and always do it with honor. Even now Landon looks up to you as an example. If you laugh, he laughs. If you spit, he spits. If you throw your food across the kitchen… yep, he throws his food across the kitchen. This is all silly and harmless at 5 & 2 years old, but you are growing up fast and he will always be watching. You will be accountable for the example you set… let it be a good one.

Bad decisions do not define who you are. Get up, brush yourself off and do better next time. I know you will make mistakes; you’ve already made your fair share. I’ll be cheering you on for every good and right decision you make in life. But, on those occasions that you fall down and make the wrong decision, I will be there to help you up. I’ll be cheering the loudest as you learn from your mistakes and move forward in His grace.

Don’t lie. Just don’t do it… if you mess up, fess up. Yes, a half truth is a lie and there is no honor in that.

Never be ashamed to hug and kiss your mama… only God loves you more.

Baby boy I have said it a thousand times, but I never fully knew Gods grace until I saw your sweet face. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious and give you peace.

I Love You,